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About Us

I am passionate about kids, I am passionate about design, and I’m passionate about creating bedrooms and playrooms for children that are fun, attractive, safe and – perhaps most importantly - unique to them.  I don’t just meet the parents. I meet the child and I study what makes him or her tick. And then I create a feel and a look that reflects each child’s personality.


I am a mother of two: a girl and a boy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, an MBA from Baruch College in New York, and Certificate Studies in Interior Design from New York University.


I called my business “The Growing Room” because each space I design is configured to be adjusted as the child grows and matures. My goal is to create designs with which the child will not soon become bored, designs that can be changed as his or her interests change, as each child develops.


Welcome to The Growing Room.


Noa Artzi-Weill

Founder and Owner

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